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Who We Are

A Year-Round Aquaponic Greenhouse Focused on



Our Team Gets It Done.



Less water than a conventional soil-based farm.


Of water is recycled in the system, with only a tiny fraction being lost due to evaporation.

Take it easy, Big Fella

Nearly Zero Oil use

Primarily heated by Bio-Mass, our facility burns recycled wood pellets to maintain ideal growing conditions, year-round.



Solar Energy Generated Daily

Drum roll, please

All of this paired with a sustainable army of


Tilapia Fish

Approximately Produces Over


Pounds of Tomatoes


Pounds of Lettuce


Pounds of Tilapia

And, not to mention

Fresh Basil

Sunflower Shoots

Sweet Peppers

& Edible Flowers

All Year.

Ya heard?

What we do

Sacrifice nothing when it comes to flavor

Innovation in Agriculture

Grown locally, year-round, the quality of our produce offering is absolutely unrivaled. Be it purples or browns, greens or blacks, our vine-ripened tomatoes, as with everything we grow, are both visually appealing and mouth-wateringly delicious.

Reap Your Harvest

Picked at the peak of ripeness, our produce is bound to please. Whether its spicy peppers, rich butter greens, or our sweet plum tomatoes, we sacrifice nothing when it comes to flavor.

Sustainable farming at its Dayton Valley • NV


How we do it

Healthy Fish Means Happy Plants


Growing in the high desert is extremely difficult

Utilizing innovative agricultural technology and production methods, our aquaponic greenhouse facility is like no other.

The Approach
Tech, meet agriculture.

Our smart greenhouse facility, laden with sensors and processors, provides consistent high quality production year-round, resulting in living wages for all employees.

Did we say year-round?
It's sustainable.

Reduce water use by 85%

Powered by a massive photo-voltaic solar array and heated by renewable bio-fuels, we maintain ideal growing conditions, regardless of season, while minimizing our ecological impact.

A Completely Contained System

Who needs seasons, anyways?

DVA is a year-round production facility, meaning that we don't have the same "seasons" as a traditional farm would.

For Example

Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe

We grow 'em year-round. Constantly rotating new vines in and old vines out allows us to keep them coming all of the time.

Supply & Demand

We match market demands closely. We grow more of our big heirloom-type tomatoes during the summer, with a shift to smaller sweeter cherries during the winter.

Keepin' It Fresh

We're no mono-croppers. We rotate many different crops through the greenhouse also. This not only gives balance to our product offering, but also helps us keep our production system in good biological health.

Our facility is designed to provide the northern Nevada market with


Fresh, sustainable, & healthy produce.

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Riverside Farmers Market
Nov 03 - Apr 27
925 Riverside Dr - Reno, NV
9am - 12pm
Carson City Farmers Market
May 04 - Sep 28
3rd and Curry St. - Carson City, NV
8:30am - 1pm

DVA offers a direct B2B sales service that makes ordering and serving healthy and fresh produce as easy as possible.

Produce a plenty

Our product offerings are available in all sizes of bulk with consistent weekly availability. We implore you to try us when looking to add a new favorite to your menu, or produce department.

Get DVA To Me! If you’re familiar with our Dropp wholesale program then Create a Dropp Account instead. Not in DROPP's geographic delivery area? Please contact us as we constantly expand our own delivery routes.

Find the latest crop. Our produce is sold direct these restaurants, caterers and grocers who value our craft.

South Lake Tahoe, CA

We are thrilled to have Dayton Valley Aquaponics produce in our store. We strive to keep the highest quality produce we can find in our store, and DVA fits the bill! We love being able to source local products that support sustainability in farming.

Cassidy Limberg Grass Roots Natural Foods
Reno, Nevada

Dayton Valley Aquaponics consistently delivers us the freshest tomatoes and herbs all year long.

Amber Sallaberry Great Basin Community Food Co-op

Dayton Valley Aquaponics

Sustainable Aquaponics Done Right.